Friday, 31 March 2017

Five Makes For Five On Friday

I am linking up with Fast Five On Friday blogs a chance for you to pop over following the link have a look at some other blogs.
My five things for this week is five craft lines I have done in readiness for tomorrows craft market.
A couple of Duck Door-stoppers made from Yorkshire wool.
Doggie Bandanna's I am always getting asked for these I make them from cotton fabric they can then be thrown into the washing machine as dogs can get really mucky sometimes.
Some more medic alert seat belt covers, a couple of these are for an order. 
The ever popular fairy tea light houses, another order being collected tomorrow, they have the little battery operated tea light inside.
These are something completely new to me a customer requested some, I had never seen them before a bit of research and here they are, Sock Needle cases, there is only an opening on one side
You pop your part knitted sock attached to your dpn's inside, fasten shut your precious stitches are protected and are not going to slip off the ends. Can also be used with circular needles.
The lady who has asked for them travels around a lot and wants them for when she is on the move to protect her knitting.
So that is my five for this week do pop over and visit the other blogs. 

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Orders And Deliveries

This week end I got a couple of orders done 
This wall hanging is for a fellow blogger, Its a new design I have been playing with
 I managed to get a bag of Harris Tweed off cuts, they arrived yesterday, lovely colours and variety I have got a project in mind for them.
 A trip into town and I popped into Lidl I was told they had denim jackets in for £11.99, I managed to gt a black one, I want to do an embroidery on the back of what I haven't decided.
 I also got myself a couple of denim shirts £7.99 each one black and one blue again I am going to decorate them up.
 More fabric arrived yesterday, lovely cottons, they are from a mystery fabric box I often subscribe to. Its nice to get a surprise through.
 This cushion is an order for my niece, she wants it for mothers day
 This picture I stitched out just for the fun of it, because I like it, I am going to pop it in a frame, I do like these scribble designs.
I might even re-stitch it on one of the shirts I got.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

I Have Been Crafting

I have been crafting honest
I have worked on an idea for a memory cushion
Its made from the shirt of a loved one and an embroidered patch is added.
Then there was a play cooker for the little ones, made from a chair cover that slips over a dining chair, ideal for those short on space or grandparents to have for those little visitors.
Motor home keyrings
An applique motor home cushion
The applique is done in leatherette with glitter vinyl for the windows
Easter bunnies, the ones in terracotta pots are table decorations the other two are holding chocolate eggs.
Wedding season is upon us
Lace horseshoes to bring good luck
Today's make pinafore's for little tots getting ready for the summertime.
 I think this bring me up to date 
Told you I have been crafting. 😀

Thursday, 12 January 2017

A Few New Things

I have been making up a few new things ready for my stall next month.
I had the idea of doing some medic alert seat belt covers, that can personalised with names if wanted and medical conditions. 
 They are fastened onto the seat belt with kam snaps, and washable.
 A 3d dragon dreamcatchers

 He is all stitched out on organza

 I also stitched out Horatio Owl, he stands 15 inches tall and is fitted with a proper working clock
 Today has been some fun glove puppets
 They are all made from fleece.

Friday, 30 December 2016

A Little Bit Of Knitting

While my sewing machine has been busy stitching panels for my big project, I decided my knitting machine should be brought back into service 
 It lives in its own unit and even though I have had it 35 years, it still works like a dream.
I thought I would familiarise  myself with the workings, by doing a little project, I havent used the machine for a few years.
Like riding a bike it all comes back to you and before long she was purring away like an old friend.
 I did this childs jumper, just needs the ends sewing in and the neck band catching down
I am pleased it still works fine and I think this coming year we will become good friends again.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

A Special Big Project

I have spent the last few months making preparations to do a special big sewing project.
 This time it is for us
The Golden Tapestry,  collection was inspired by the tapestries, paintings, ornate furniture and engravings in the Palace of Versailles in Paris, France
I bought the design back in summer and have been collecting together everything I need for it.
Silk Dupion for the fabric, gold metallic thread, stabilisers, batting and interfacing. 
For the main part I have chosen Black silk dupion, stitched with gold metallic thread, the border I am doing in gold silk dupion with black stitching.
I have done the first six panels of the background

There are 32 panels for the background alone, then another 28 for the border, it will be 50 x 40 inches when finished   
Once all the panels are done they are joined together like a jigsaw.
It is all being done on my embroider machine.
I have been really looking forward to getting this started.


Sunday, 18 December 2016

Nifty Sewing Kit

I have been taking part in a sew along run by Sweet Pea Designs, this month it was a design for doing a sewing kit,
Got round to doing mine today.
 Its all made in the hoop on the embroidery machine,
lots of usefull little pockets and two zipper pockets as well as a scissor pocket,
 I made mine in all one fabric, there was an embrdered flower on the front panel included in the design but I omitted it I wasnt that keen on it.
 The whole thing closes up and is fastened with  Kam snap, I now dont have to bring a box of bits up from the cabin I can use my sewing kit and keep it all together.