Thursday, 15 March 2018

I Have Been Crafting Honest

I have been crafting non stop since my last post, just never seem to find the time to up date my blog 
So what has been taking up my time 
 A shop in town has started stocking the dog breed cushions I embroider
 I was working at full pelt to get the initial stock done and into the shop.
I still have my regular stall in the village once a month and decided a new line was needed
So I bought in a job lot of 50 vintage denim shirts to decorate 

 some of the deigns I have done
to help with the work load

 a new bigger industrial machine was needed
Martin bought it for me valentines day, I then had to have a re-shuffle around in the cabin to accommodate it.

 I have had an order for 40 of these key rings to complete.
 been making these infinity scarfs
 and neck warmers

 with various designs on them
I have also taken on a regular spot at another monthly craft fayre
 I have been doing butterfly headbands

 ready for next week end

 I finished this Japanese Obi bag yesterday to add to my stall but its already sold so will have to do another one now.
There is also a load of other stuff made but I wont bore you with it all. 😀
So as you can  see I haven't been neglecting my crafts just been busy crafting.
I have taken down my etsy shop something had to give after all.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Just For Frugal In Essex

Frugal in Essex Tania asked if I could a video of my machine working, (sorry wrong name in video)
Well I am no master of the video camera and I couldnt find the tripod I think its in the attic.
Anyway here is a video of a stitch out and so you dont get too bored watching it I have done a tour of my crafting cabin.
Tania if you send me your postal address over I will make something with the stitch out for you.
 Its not the best of video so accept my apolgies.
Anyone has any requests please send them 

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Such A Lot Of Christmas

On the crafting front things have been very busy with lots of Christmas Craft Fairs coming up
 Lace covered ornaments
 In lots of colours and designs
 Personalised christmas stockings
 Lace wine glass covers with lights inside
 and a matching coaster
 Ugly jumper tree decorations
 bottle lamps
 With colour changing dancing lights

 Some cards using fabric scraps and trying out designs
 Christmas countdowns
 A bit more stylish and grown up
 Glass Angel baubles personalised

 Lace Angel with lights, or can be used as a tree topper

 Green man of the woods with lights
 Crazy legs snowman with more lights

 Welsh gingerbread tree ornaments
 Candy Cane tree ornaments
 There is lots of other bits but I don't want to bore you too much.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

A Mix Bag Of Things

 A couple of bags I have made up ready to sell, the first one I have used cork fabric, it is real cork I have been itching to use it on something
This one I love the colours on 
A landscape art bag, I have made this one for myself but I am going to make some more up in different designs to add to my stock lines.
I dont think I have showed these, fidget spinner cases, I have been making these from recycled denim.
I loved making this little mouse, she is only 4 inches tall again I am going to make up some more.
work in progress, this tweed applique will be a wall hanging, I have added 3d voile leaves to it
and something for me, during the hot spell we had I needed something cool to wear, tailored shorts are just too uncomfortable, so I made up some culottes, they were so comfortable and cool I have now made up several pairs.
I am working on setting up an online shop, it is again work in progress and hope in the next few weeks I will have it up and running, more news and a link to come when I have it ready. 





Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Bags And Purses

Springtime on the Ranch is a busy time but I have found time for  bit of crafting
 A twisted drawstring bag
 A new purse that has been a real pain to do
the instructions were terrible
 but its finished along with errors
 in a foiled leatherette

 A strippy tote bag
 with internal pocket
 A Mary Poppins frame bag
 nice and roomy made with a 16 inch frame
decorated with glazed buttons