Sunday, 10 May 2015

Machine Knitted Socks

I got my socks all finished on the knitting machine
Excuse my lily white legs,
I used some Stylecraft 4ply that I had sitting there, it was a good practise project for me to try having had a few years break from the machine, they were done using both beds giving me a seamless circular knitted sock
I did make a few mistakes but was able to rectify it before it turned into a disaster.
the pattern I used was from here
The next ones I do I will make the leg longer.

I have been flicking through some of my back issues of knitting machine magazines and found a pattern for a fisherman's rib jumper so that is going to be my next project.


  1. Well I am wildly impressed with handknit socks, but oh gosh, machine knit!!! Amazing!!! xx

  2. My poor knitting machine, hidden in our attic, one day....

  3. That was quick. I am going to check out that pattern. Thanks.