Sunday, 5 July 2015

Spinning A Yarn

I have so wanted to make my own yarns, the reason for the Alpacas was for there fleece
This week I finally had time to sit down at my spinning wheel and teach myself to spin armed with a couple of books and some Jacob Roving's I had got to practise with off I went, I haven't sat at my wheel for over two years and last time it was my first practise and spend any hours turning the air blue as I fought with the roving's, it was all put away until now

 The above picture shows what I was managing to do, I was so impressed with what I was doing
I spun up some white as well and plied the together
Then it was taken off into a skein 
Yeah I had produced a yarn it may have been of varying thickness but it was still yarn
next up was a bag of this I had in my stash I don't know what it is but I loved the colours
this time I weighed it and split it in half and off I went again
with my wheel spinning away I soon had two bobbins of a fairly decent thickness
they were plied together and now are in a skein waiting to be washed to set the twist.
I felt confident enough to tackle some of the Alpaca fleece, I grabbed a bag of Miss Daisy fleece 
I had a go without carding first, it was coming up fine but there was a few knotty bits
I then carded some of the fleece

its so light and airy
 I am now spinning it up
Its coming on lovely 
I am using my Ashford Kiwi 2 wheel 
I have been getting a lot of help and inspiration from this group
There is a good mix of experienced and beginners some spinning on a wheel some with a drop spindle lots of laughs too, so if you spin or fancy spinning or just have an interest in yarn pop along



  1. You produced that yarn without carding it!?!

    You put me to shame...

    Please - fly over and spin my batts of carded fibre. I've got +/- 10 kgs of it...

  2. l m still in love with that beautiful colour mix :) and so jealous of your wheel ha-ha. xxx

  3. Oh wow, I love your yarn! Let me know if you start selling it