Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Nostalgic Sewing

While having no internet at home it frees up so much time
I looked out this pattern the other day, another that has been sitting in the drawer for 7 years
 He was so easy to make up, I am now thinking about making up a few more to add to my stall.
 something else I have been playing with is English paper piecing
after drawing around the templates onto an A4 sheet
I photocopy a load of them and cut them out
 I then tack all my bits onto there paper backing
a nice easy task to do while sitting there in the evening
Then I can piece them together as and when I feel like  it,
nothing to taxing to think about and all very random.
Dont have any plans for it yet, just happy to piece it all together
also another great use for all those scraps I seem to gather.


  1. Patchwork hexagons are very relaxing, and they do use up scraps, in my case I have had to buy the fabrics, but it's fun. I will stitch mine together once I have made loads of hexagons. Love your golly

  2. Do you machine stitch or hand stitch those hexagons together? Love the other guy, I haven't seen one of those since my childhood.

  3. I always love your crafts which are so creative and finished to perfection. The little chap on the top though - the politically correct, where I live, would have a field day if it was put in a sale around here! It's only a toy, made to give joy, but its appearance would cause serious trouble. Anyway, lovely work as usual.