Friday, 31 March 2017

Five Makes For Five On Friday

I am linking up with Fast Five On Friday blogs a chance for you to pop over following the link have a look at some other blogs.
My five things for this week is five craft lines I have done in readiness for tomorrows craft market.
A couple of Duck Door-stoppers made from Yorkshire wool.
Doggie Bandanna's I am always getting asked for these I make them from cotton fabric they can then be thrown into the washing machine as dogs can get really mucky sometimes.
Some more medic alert seat belt covers, a couple of these are for an order. 
The ever popular fairy tea light houses, another order being collected tomorrow, they have the little battery operated tea light inside.
These are something completely new to me a customer requested some, I had never seen them before a bit of research and here they are, Sock Needle cases, there is only an opening on one side
You pop your part knitted sock attached to your dpn's inside, fasten shut your precious stitches are protected and are not going to slip off the ends. Can also be used with circular needles.
The lady who has asked for them travels around a lot and wants them for when she is on the move to protect her knitting.
So that is my five for this week do pop over and visit the other blogs. 


  1. How do you find the time to make all these lovely things? 😊

  2. Five lovely makes. I really like the little houses. I'm visiting from Five on Friday.

  3. Lovely items, good luck with your sale tomorrow.

  4. Good luck with the craft fair tomorrow. Beautiful makes. I must admit that the fairy lighthouses are a favourite of mine.

    Happy Five on Friday

  5. I love the door stoppers. I'm working on some new things for Thor's Threads, can't wait to share them in the next week or so :)
    Thanks for joining in with Five on Friday I really appreciate your support.
    P.S my yacon seems to be growing strong :)

  6. Really fun crafts! Love the sock needle cases. Clever idea.

  7. Really like the door stoppers, the houses are great too.

  8. Sounds like you are ready for the craft market. Love the idea of the sock needle case -- great way to protect WIP. Adore the fairy tea light houses ... too cute! Enjoy the weekend.

  9. You are super talented. Those fairy tea light houses look like so much fun. Hope you are having a great weekend.