Sunday, 25 June 2017

A Mix Bag Of Things

 A couple of bags I have made up ready to sell, the first one I have used cork fabric, it is real cork I have been itching to use it on something
This one I love the colours on 
A landscape art bag, I have made this one for myself but I am going to make some more up in different designs to add to my stock lines.
I dont think I have showed these, fidget spinner cases, I have been making these from recycled denim.
I loved making this little mouse, she is only 4 inches tall again I am going to make up some more.
work in progress, this tweed applique will be a wall hanging, I have added 3d voile leaves to it
and something for me, during the hot spell we had I needed something cool to wear, tailored shorts are just too uncomfortable, so I made up some culottes, they were so comfortable and cool I have now made up several pairs.
I am working on setting up an online shop, it is again work in progress and hope in the next few weeks I will have it up and running, more news and a link to come when I have it ready. 






  1. Loads of lovely things Dawn, as ever always creative.

  2. Echoed here as well, those bags are wonderful.

  3. Loving the shoulder bags, especially the second one. Could I order two of the fidget spinner cases for the boys please?

  4. Your sewing is lovely. I am just learning so find the things other crafters make really inspiring. Meg:)