Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A Rainbow Arrived

My felt supplies were running low with making things for the Christmas fair,
Now its all re-stocked again
 Opening the box was letting out a rainbow, I buy felt by the roll its more cost effective for me, I have kept on an account with one of the suppliers I had for the shop of course when I browse there site I end up adding other things to the order
 Blended merino wools stunning colours, sorry they were still in there wrappers
and curly locks again a lovely selection of colours 
I want to do some needle felting and have a project in mind for some of these,
 now all I need is time its a shame they don't sell that as well, oh well the dark nights are coming in so it will be more time for crafting :-)


  1. Beautiful colours, makes me want to dive in.

  2. I've never seen felt on the roll before - but then when I've bought it the shop has already cut it into - expensive by comparison - squares. I want to do some more needle felting this autumn, having recently bought myself new felting needles.

  3. Lots of exciting things to have fun with! xx

  4. I have never worked much with felt, just a few simple tree decs. Your rainbow looks very tempting, once the winter sets in .....who knows, I may have to dabble.