Saturday, 29 August 2015

Goodies and Lovelies

The postie brought me two lovely packages 
 First was a box of lovelies a lucky dip box of blended batts for spinning, I ordered them through the spinning group, it doesn't show up in the picture but there is Angelina fibres blended with the wool to give a bit of sparkle, I shall enjoy spinning with these.
 Next was a box of sewing machine feet
32 different ones for just £12.99 off Amazon, there is a great selection of feet, it can cost £5 -£10 for some of these individually, this is a real bargain.
In the box is the following 
Braiding, Fringe, 5 hole cord, 7 hole cord, patchwork edge joining, 1/4 inch quilting, straight stitch, open toe embroidery, pearl piping, Teflon zig zag, Cording, 1/4 inch piecing guide, 9 groove pin tuck, overcast edge, stitch in the ditch guide, 7 groove pin tuck, satin stitch, zig zag jaguar, double welting, concealed zip, roller foot, blind hem, applique, open toe, quilting darning, gathering, 3mm rolled hem, 6mm rolled hem, embroidery darning, adjustable bias, knit, adjustable zip foot.
I have a few of these already but they will also fit my other sewing machines I shall enjoy discovering how to use them all.


  1. I have seen those on Amazon and wondered about the quality. Will probably buy a set now. Thanks for posting about them.

  2. My goodness, that is quite a set of feet! Your sewing machines are all set for quite a few projects now!! Enjoy your spinning! xx

  3. I didn't realize a sewing machine could have that many different kinds of feet! Love the pinks in the batts too.