Wednesday, 19 August 2015

A Knitting WIP

Another WIP this time a knitting project, It hasn't been sitting round as long as some others but still waiting in the wings to be picked up, its a lace scarf done with a very fine fingering yarn.
It was a free kit that came with a magazine.
I have been knitting a few rows an evening so its going to take some time, but I will keep nibbling away at it :-)


  1. That scarf is exquisite. Alpaca yarn? What ply?

    1. Its 1ply acrylic yarn that came with the kit, now I have the pattern I might re-do it with some Alpaca

  2. Scarf is lovely! Given this weather, it might come in handy sooner rather than later :-)

  3. I have made this - it is absolutely beautiful! It knits up quicker than you think!!