Sunday, 9 August 2015

THE Quilt Again

 Two more blocks done today on the quilt
 This quilt is becoming a bit of thorn in my side
 I really really want to get it finished, but now I am bored with it
 I have got half the blocks done now, I need to just pull out the stops and get it finished
 At the quilt show I got this kit for a wreath, I had in mind to do it for Christmas but having looked more at it I don't think its Christmasy enough, I still like it very much.
 It comes with everything and is in gold and red,
I did also buy an extra wire ring so will have to give some thought to a Christmas wreath.


  1. The triangles in your blocks are very good - I had a go at doing some triangles yesterday and it was hit and miss where the points ended up......I'm hoping that practising will help xxx

    1. It is all down to practice working on the bias is not easy :-)