Sunday, 15 November 2015

More Makes

I have made up another batch of Country Christmas Angels
 I love these country angels, I might make up some more for a bunting. and I have an idea of something i can do with them next year.
I made these little huggable guys today, I was thinking about them last night in bed, 
I then remembered I have a box of click and seal tin cans, so I thought I would put the huggy Koalas into the cans, print off some labels and add them to my stall.
Went to get the cans today, they were not in my craft store room, they were not in the attic,
that only means one thing they are still in storage, Martin has been instructed to bring them back on friday, I will be pushing it a bit as the craft fair is on Saturday, 
I will get some more made this week in readiness then keep fingers crossed that Martin remembers to bring them and they fit in the cans.

I have also been making some PVC peg bags, but forgot to take a picture of them.
and just as a fun item I have been doing these