Thursday, 3 December 2015

Crafting For Me

Now my order book is closed and all orders are completed, the last of them goes in the post tomorrow, Saturday I have my last craft fair of the year.
I can turn my thoughts to other crafts for a while 
Today I made something for me 
I was so impressed with the fleece welly socks I got for my birthday last month, I decided to make myself a pair.
I have loads of fleece so I didn't need to buy anything in.
Of course I showed them to a friend and now she wants some, no pressure I will have them done next week for her.

Last Friday we had another pottery session, this time it was to add some colour and surface decoration to our fired pieces.
 All the pieces after there first firing, there are some great pieces there.
 My tea light holder and money bag
 A tile I practised some of the colours on
 In theory this should come out orange on the outside and yellow on the inside, we shall see
 Bovey Belle praying for divine creativity
 Her prayers have been answered I think, some lovely design work
 another great BB piece
 I didn't get a finished photo of this but BB painted little flowers on it.
My money bag, brown on the outside and red on the inside and the cord should come out yellow.
The pieces have all gone off to be dipped in a glaze and a final firing.
We get them back this week end I am looking forward to seeing how they come out :-)


  1. Looking forward to seeing the pottery results! xx

  2. Your fleece welly socks look very cosy Dawn, loving all the photos of your pottery work too. Looking forward to seeing the finished products :-) Have a good weekend x