Saturday, 19 December 2015

A New Addition

For a while I have been talking about having a second embroidery machine
the idea being I can run two  side by side and increase productivity 
They are a considered purchase 
Well I found a real bargain last week on offer
placed an order and my new machine arrived yesterday 
I did do a check round on prices before buying and it was the best offer around £1,000 off
and some extras like dual foot control and extension table worth £300 thrown in
I had to unpack it to get it back out of the house and into the cabin 
the box was too big for me carry on my own
 I got it set up and tried it out
 It works like a dream
It is a big machine and takes up almost twice the space as my other machine
also the embroidery area is twice that of my other machine
giving me more scope on projects
I know the machine will pay for itself 
so I have no guilt at all spending so much money on a second machine
my other reason for needing a second machine is servicing, my original machine that is only 6 years old has been worked hard this past year, it is in need of a major service, it was serviced last year like a car these machine need servicing after doing so many thousands of stitches, I exceeded my stitch range back in summer, I do clean it and maintain it every week but it still needs a service and that means going away for a few weeks as I know parts have to be replaced this time, nothing major just general wear and tear, it would be like losing an arm for those few weeks,  having a second machine will fill that gap and take the pressure of my older machine.
They are both Brother machines just different models, the newer one having lots of new features.

while I was setting up and trying out the new machine I got a project finished on my other machine
My Christmas table runner it was all done in the hoop with the applique
It has been on my list of things I want to do for some time.
Not much stitching will get done this week end  as we have other plans, then my list is clear and I have six weeks of stitching planned over the holiday's,
I also have a friend coming to stay for a few days, I am really looking forward to seeing her
She got her machine a year ago and has not tried it out yet, she is bringing it with her so we can get her going on it :-)


  1. It looks wonderful, good for you, hope you have many happy hours stitching with your friend.

  2. Looks like a fab machine. Happy stitching in the new year!

  3. Enjoy your new machine! Happy Christmas! xx

  4. That machine looks like one I saw recently on TV - if it is the same machine then that's a brilliant sewing machine and you'll be able to do absolutely loads with it - lucky you, enjoy it and I hope that you'll show us some of the lovely things that you'll make with it xxx