Friday, 8 January 2016

A Make For A Swap

I am part of a craft group on face book and I signed up for there swap
Its only a small group that suits me.
I have just sent off my swap for this month.

I made a pin cushion and scissor case, the embroidery was done on my machine

Have to get my thinking cap on for next month now.

Also the group is running a craft challenge, find a new craft to do in the new year
 I have decided to have a go at Bavarian Crochet, I have had the book for some time and never got round to trying it, I have looked out some cotton yarn and have my hook at the ready to make a start tonight.
 My machine knitting magazine arrived today, its the last issue in my subscription,
I am not re-newing, I enjoy the magazine but decided to try a different magazine
 We don't have a UK machine embroidery magazine, I have found two in USA I have set up a short subscription for both of them so I can see which I prefer, they both arrived this week.
I might just do one for a year then switch to the other, I used to stock an Australian one in the shop,
Its a shame we don't have a UK one, but machine embroidery is big business overseas and the market is still small in the UK.
Perhaps one day we might have one.


  1. Swapping is great fun isn't it. The Bavarian Crochet looks fiendishly difficult, but I will enjoy hearing about it and seeing it! xx

  2. Hi Dawn

    I like the look of the crochet I think there might be some tutorials on Pinterest for a similar stitch. I love the effect.

    My cousin does an awful lot of machine embroidery and she uses a company called Urban Threads - I think they have a link on Facebook as well and she reckons they are one of the cheaper suppliers. Many years ago she used to work for a company that used to make lots of embroidered bits and bobs on an industrial size and that piqued her interest in machine embroidery. is the link to go to to have a look but I think you have to register with the site. I hope it helps.