Saturday, 23 January 2016

Crafting For The Fair

The craft fair starts again next month so its time I started to make some goods for my stall otherwise I will be standing there with an empty table.
I have done a few Tea Cozies small, medium, large,
 then using some of the scraps in the big never ending box of scraps
 I made a couple of Rooster Danglers
And this cheery chappie Scarecrow Dangler,
Its a great way of using up scraps and off cuts.

I also made a start on some bookmarks

again out of off cuts of felt.

It was Martins birthday yesterday so I had to make him a card
nothing fancy just plain and straight forward
It took less than 10 minuets to make.

Well at least I have made a start, will be working away at ideas over the coming weeks.


  1. every thing is so cute! i need them all :D especially the roosters, they are just adorable! xx

  2. Amazing work. How do you cut so close to the stitching on the danglers?

  3. I love all your crafts, especially the roosters. As you say, the danglies are a great way to use up scraps.

  4. Lovely things. I am sure that you will enjoy returning to the craft fair! xx

  5. Your creations are truly amazing. I've never seen such beautiful fabric artwork. Wishing you a great week, Pat