Sunday 14 August 2016

Quilt Show 2016

Just showing some of photos I took on my trip to the quilt festival at the NEC Birmingham

This is just a small selection of the exhibits


  1. wow, some very traditional and some not so traditional work there. Quite the show! Such intricate quilting, in my wildest dreams I could never be that good.

  2. Wow.....just wow!!!
    What stunning work.
    I love the quilt with all the little houses-x-

  3. Who would have thought so much could be done by the quilting technique. WOW, WOW and Wow. I love the cotton reals one and the blue and white one.

  4. Amazing! Love the kind of teddy sarcofagas, I am sure you don't spell it like that. The old man with the camera is outstanding.

  5. O.M.G.! SUCH talent - especially the AMAZING one of the old boy with the camera! Speechless. My favourites were the castle? steps and garden, and the ultra modern one in gold and blue. I think I shall put my needle away for good . . .