Friday, 30 December 2016

A Little Bit Of Knitting

While my sewing machine has been busy stitching panels for my big project, I decided my knitting machine should be brought back into service 
 It lives in its own unit and even though I have had it 35 years, it still works like a dream.
I thought I would familiarise  myself with the workings, by doing a little project, I havent used the machine for a few years.
Like riding a bike it all comes back to you and before long she was purring away like an old friend.
 I did this childs jumper, just needs the ends sewing in and the neck band catching down
I am pleased it still works fine and I think this coming year we will become good friends again.


  1. My machine is at my sister's house, I've not used it in years.

  2. I am hoping for the same myself in 2017. I abandoned it almost completely in 2016.