Thursday, 12 January 2017

A Few New Things

I have been making up a few new things ready for my stall next month.
I had the idea of doing some medic alert seat belt covers, that can personalised with names if wanted and medical conditions. 
 They are fastened onto the seat belt with kam snaps, and washable.
 A 3d dragon dreamcatchers

 He is all stitched out on organza

 I also stitched out Horatio Owl, he stands 15 inches tall and is fitted with a proper working clock
 Today has been some fun glove puppets
 They are all made from fleece.


  1. Amazing!!!
    I love that dragon-x-

  2. Lovely beautiful stock you have made again, fingers crossed you sell out.

  3. Love the seat belt covers. We don't have a car at the moment but would welcome something like that when we do. DS1 is autistic, and although he speaks well he has difficulty describing how he's feeling if he's hurt in any way. He carries a card with him but I'm going to get him a wristband too. The puppets are lovely and the dragon is really beautiful.

  4. Hope you sold a lot of it at your last craft fair. Love the lantern.

  5. I always forget you have this craft blog must put it on my side bar. It's fantastic what you are capable of. I'm in awe!