Sunday, 17 February 2019

A Japanese Session

On Wednesday our little sewing group met up, the lady who was hosting this time had just come back from a tip to Japan
So set us a little Japanese  project to try with some supplies she brought back.
Sasiko stitching it was what the Japanese used to use for decorative mending stitching.
She had lots of lovely bits to show us from her trip
there are seven of us in the group, Jennie couldn't make today as she was at her quilting group and Julia was away visiting family.
December I was hosting and we did lampshade making
Jennie made hers from some Japanese fabric she patch worked together, Sian was also on a Japanese theme with some Kimono fabric, Sue made some 3d cherry blossom to decorate hers
I did a christmas winter scene for my one, 
 January Sian was hosting and we did some decorated candles using there different techniques
 Its a lovely group and we have been meeting up for just over two years now, taking turn about hosting. 
Next month we are dabbling in weaving.



  1. Wish we had a similar group near me, it all looks good fun.

  2. I started a similar group but we always ended up at my house, using my supplies and eatting my food. I got fed up needless to say and when my good friend in thr group sadly died, I said no more.Your makes are lovely, particularly your own shade and I do like sashiko and you have inspired me to have a go. F