Saturday, 9 February 2019

Dragons and Photos

I have been working on some new products to take down to the shop
 Dragon Dream Catchers
 I have been using a mix of materials,
 Leather, vinyl, velvet, lace and denim, the dragons are 3d and mounted in a 12inch hoop, they have gone up for sale in the shop for £32.
Another project I have been working on is converting pet photos to embroidery.
It started with a photo of Sol and Tess I did last year and turned them into cushions 

A few people had seen these and I was asked if I could do pets

This horse belongs to a friend
This is Wolfie who belongs to another friend, these embroidery's take a good few hours to stitch out and I am mounting them on 8x8 canvas.



  1. What can I say....WOW. I think the pet ones will be a real seller for you.

    1. Its been a bit of a learning curve every day is a school day

  2. I agree with Tania, they are amazing!

  3. These are really good. Hope they do well for you. I love the dream catchers too.

    1. Dream catchers have always been popular working a few new designs now