Saturday, 27 September 2014

A Change In Footwear Slippers

When I wander down to the cabin at the bottom of the garden I am inevitable wearing wellies, not the best footwear for using with a sewing machine and I didn't have another suitable pair of slippers I could leave in the cabin, there was nothing else for it but to make myself a pair.
 I found a pattern chose some material and got cutting out the fabric and wadding
 next step was to quilt the two layers of fabric and the wadding, I started by drawing a line down the middle of the sole and stitching through all the layers on this line 

I was doing the quilting detail with a walking foot and stitch guide on the machine, you can move the the stitch guide to set the distance between rows of stitching and the walking foot raises and walks across the fabric therefore the fabric doesn't stretch and the less chance of the layers mislaying
once you have the first row of stitching you line up the stitch guide on the stitching having first determined the distance between rows, I had it set at half an inch 
I quilted the soles and tops in both directions 
Next I needed to add something to the soles to stop them slipping on the floor, I had a roll of woven rubber non slip shelf lining, it was ideal for the job, from the pound shop
I cut a bit bigger than the sole and machined it all the way round 
then trimmed to the shape, it sewed really easy
Next was bias binding not my favourite of things, I cut the strips 2 inches wide on the bias of the fabric and joined the various lengths
Then I run the long joined strip through my bias maker with a 1 inch tip
Its a great little machine that folds and presses the fabric into perfect bias tape 
The machine is made by simplicity and it means I can have bias tape in any fabric and any size.
I added the tape to the inside edge of the top
then it was time to join the top and the sole together
starting to take shape now and looks like a slipper
with the bias tape around the sole the slippers are now finished.
Unfortunately as good as they have turned out they are not suitable for my size, I now need to make a larger pair to accommodate the socks on my feet.


  1. They are great Dawn! You can have these for summer and a slightly bigger pair for winter! xx

  2. wow I love these!! I would never have thought of making slippers :)