Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Keeping Time

Earlier in the year I bought a couple of cheap wall clocks from Ikea, with the plan to jazz them up with some embroidery, I had seen some designs on the web site I get my machine embroidery designs from.
I think the clocks were about £1.80 each 
First I had to take it all apart
They come apart really easy, there is three little plastic tabs that you push in and then the front cover comes off the hands just unclip from the mechanism that then just comes out. 
I measured up the face of the clock so I could get the right design size. 
I decided to embroider onto some denim, I had an old pair of hubby's jeans to hand so cut a piece from the leg big enough for the design and fit into the hoop, 
Once I had the fabric hooped up and the thread colours sorted I made a start
I never tire of watching the machine work away 
Once the design was done I took it out of the hoop

 and marked the middle on the back of the design
I then used the original clock face as a template

Cut round it and made a little hole in the middle for the mechanism to go through
There one new clock face, I used a spray adhesive to fasten it to the original cardboard clock face 
Then assembled it all back together 
There a nice clock for my work room. 

After finishing this project I thought I should give the machine a good clean, its something I usually do fairly frequent, I am glad I did.

When I was sewing the other day a needle broke and I couldn't find the bit that broke off, here it was under the bobbin housing along with loads of fluff. 
Its all nice and clean now ready to go again.

I did get the Basic Cable Block finished for the shop last night 
Just needs a press.
I have to get some crochet ghost coasters done tonight then I am up to date with samples.

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  1. Great clock! You could sell these in your shop I should think as crafters would love them for their craft rooms. xx