Thursday, 2 October 2014

Autumn Folk Art Panel Pt1

After seeing some lovely autumn displays that fellow bloggers have been putting together in there homes, I thought I would do a seasonal display for the living room, I like the idea of having seasonal decorations that can be brought out and added to each year.
I found on line with one of the embroidery shops I use, a lovely Autumnal Folk Art Panel, its done in lots of sections that are then joined together. 
The panel is in 12 sections and include applique in the hoop and machine embroidery.
 The first part of the panel with its applique 
The embroidery going on 
section 1 completed 
embroidery being added to section 2
section 2 completed 
section 1 and 2 together not yet joined that will happen when all 12 sections are completed.
Its a great way of using up all the little scraps of fabric, I have a box that all little off cuts go into, its great fun choosing the bits of fabric for the applique and when the embroidery goes on it all comes to life.
I will work on the next sections over the next few days.
The web site I purchased the design from is


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks they are great to make as I have only a small picture of the design so its great to see it come together.

  2. How clever are you. that looks so brilliant, can you do more and sell them. I'm putting my hand up for buying one please!

    1. Not really clever on my part, they were designed by some-one else I am just using the digitised program to make it, I dont think I would have any to sell this year, there is a panel for each season by the same designer when i have this one finished I want to start on the winter one.