Monday, 6 October 2014

More of the Autumn Panel

The other day I completed section 3 of the panel
The  one that went wrong
I was having a bad day, and didn't notice until I finished it I had put the background fabric on back to front,
so I had to re-do it 
Section 3 re-done
Having re-done I then decided I didn't like how section 2 had turned out so I made another section 2
Section 2 I didn't like
Section 2 re done
Today I got section 4 done
 Yes I am happy with this I love the material that's been used for the sky
And this is where it sits in relation to the other sections
Having to re-do 2 of the sections has put me back a bit I was hoping to have at least 2 of the panels completed, never mind there is bad weather coming so I can stay in the cabin and get it finished this week I hope, although I am heading off to Milton Keynes to spend a couple of days in the shop. 
This morning I went to craft club in Pendacar and spent the morning showing them how to make the little pumpkin ornaments
Last year I made the big one out an old pair of jeans and used real dried leaves to decorate, I also made the little crochet one last year, looking at it now it needs a leaf added to it. 
The week end I want to get my Autumn display out so I better get a move on and get it finished.

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  1. All of your things are so lovely, I look forward to seeing your finished wall hanging. xx