Monday, 27 October 2014

Falling Leaves

I started this project on Sunday afternoon, I am still in an Autumnal mood as you can tell.
This is work in progress, an Autumnal table runner, this project served several purposes as well as the finished item it will become.
I needed to practise my placement of designs and I wanted to work with metallic threads.
you can see the squares I have marked out on the fabric
working on this gave me the opportunity to flip images and rotate as well as making sure my placement was within the lines I had marked out.
The metallic thread was a different subject sorry you cant see in the photos the beauty of metallic threads.
I changed my needle to a metallic thread needle, wound the bobbin in matching thread, slowed the machine down to the slowest embroidery setting and set to with the stitching on a practise piece withing moments the thread broke, I re threaded and again it broke and again, I was using a good quality thread so I was stumped at what to do next, over a cup of tea I browsed the web for a solution, I was doing everything suggested then I came across a tip, spray the reel of thread with a silicon spray, it seems that room temperature and humidity can affect the performance of the thread, I had a can of spray that is used to stop the needle gumming up when using fusible adhesives, so I popped the reel and bobbin into a little bag a sprayed it, re-threaded the machine and it worked like a dream. The only time the thread broke was as I got onto the third leaf of that colour so it was as I worked my way through the reel. 
I now have the threads all individually stored with there matching bobbins in self seal bags.
While browsing I picked up another tip that I will try out later this week and report bag if it works or not.


  1. Lovely runner and I like the whole cloth quilting on the previous post.

  2. This is a great design for trying the different placements isn't it. I am glad that you found a way to stop the thread causing difficulties. xx