Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Autumn Has Arrived

Its a great feeling finishing a project, 
Yes its up on the wall, I wasn't looking forward to the joining together but bit the bullet and got it done this morning, it was really painless and went nice and smoothly.
Here is a few more autumn things I have now put out
Mr Pumpkin Man he is from an Alan Dart pattern and was knitted about 7 years ago.
Quilted Sunflowers, this was done about 3-4 years ago, you cant really see the bead detail on it, and the edging was blanket stitched with a variegated thread.
Knitted Mr Prickles another Alan Dart pattern,
 Mr Prickles is heading off to hibernation with his hot water bottle again he was knitted about 4 years ago.
The pumpkins I have shown before, there is a little crochet one, the denim one and the small fabric one I made the other week.

I fancy doing some cushion covers now and a table runner, I have purchased some embroidery designs and as the weather is predicted to be rotten over the next few days I might just get some done.

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  1. Very pretty things indeed!! I like the new wallhanging and the sunflowers one best, they are not like anything that I have seen before. Happy crafting. xx