Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Mexican God's Eye (Ojo De Dios)

Ojo De Dios are a Mexican craft otherwise know as God's Eye they are suppose to ward off evil spirits,
I have for some time hankered after doing one of these, I just love the way they look.
I bought some sticks to have a go a long time back and today came across them while sorting out boxes of craft stuff, so armed with some variegated sock yarn this is what I did.
This is the first one I made
This was the second, they are the original 4 sided shape.
I had seem some images for 8 sided ones but no instructions to be found on the Internet, there is instructions there but you have to pay for them, as I was only playing about with them I was reluctant to pay out $8 so now knowing the basics I played with them and made up my own 8 sided design
My own 8 sided design. 
As well as playing around with these, I got two more sections done on my Autumn panel
section 5 
section 6 
This is how they all sit together so far
Half way there now, I am really enjoying doing this panel and looking forward to getting it all joined together and up on the wall.
Tomorrow I hope to get the next 3 sections done.


  1. Your Mexican hangings are unusual aren't they, I think that I remember making something like this many decades ago, but had no idea what they were called! Love your panel too!! xx

  2. wow those panels are going to be beautiful, stunning already