Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Using Soluble Laundry Bags

I came across a comment on these as I was looking for advice on metallic thread, I had never come across them before, a quick look on Amazon and there is loads there they are used in hospitals and care homes mainly for putting in soiled laundry so it doesn't have to be handled, what a great idea. 
My thoughts were are they the same as the soluble stabiliser I use with the sewing machine 
I ordered a pack of 25 bags. £13.30 with free delivery
  • Fully Water Soluble Laundry Sacks
  • Designed to completely dissolve in a wash at 60°c +
  • Size approx 457mm (18") x 660mm(26") x 840mm (33")
They arrived in a couple of days and yesterday I tried them out, they are similar in thickness to the Solvy Stabiliser which I buy 12 inch by 9yd for £15.90 the RRP is £25 so a considerable saving using the laundry bags, almost 3 times the amount for less money.
 I hooped up a double layer and picked out a freestanding lace design, and set the machine to work, I didn't expect it hold with FSL as the Solvy doesn't either, part way through the design the stabiliser started to give way as expected.
nothing unexpected there, to do FSL I usually use the woven soluble which at £72 a 25mt roll is expensive, or if it is a small design I use the heavy Solvy which is £32 for a 9mt roll so its expensive stuff 
here is the same design using the heavy solvy 
As you can see it still tears a little. 
So back to the laundry bags, they still have a great use, when you need to use a soluble stabiliser with fine fabrics or for doing monogramming on towels of fabric with a pile, it will work great 
Here I am using it with organza for lace snowflakes 
I had no problem with it all with such a sheer fabric
after they were stitched 
The excess laundry bag from the hoop tears off easily, I trimmed up the organza 
Soaked them in a bowl of warm water, the soluble plastic melted away no problem
Here they are drying off, perfect.
So to summarise, the laundry bags are cheaper and I can use them instead of my expensive stabiliser for items that need no visible stabiliser. defiantly worth having and keeping in stock.
Another tip, all the off cuts of soluble stabiliser I pop into a bag regardless of which one they are, the scraps can then be dissolved in water and used as fabric stiffener, it can be painted on or sprayed on.


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  1. A great idea and if you don't try something you will never know will you! xx