Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Ripple Crochet

Today was not the best day for working on the Autumn Panel, intermittent power failures due to the storm, this meant every time the power went off the sewing machine lost its place and every time I managed to get it back were it stopped the power went off again, I only managed to get one section completed
This was the section I got completed 
This is were it will be placed in relation to the others.
I wont get any more of it done now until the week end as I am away at the shop for a couple of a days.
Without power I went back indoors and sat in front of the fire doing some of the Ripple Crochet
I first saw the design on Attic 24, I started it when we were moving, It is being done in DMC cotton yarn, and its going to be a cover for a bolster cushion, I think its about half way there now.
That's about all the crafting I have got done today.


  1. I think we came home at the right time, love your stitching, can't wait until it is finished. I have tried ripple crochet, but whilst I can do it, I don't see the point, I must be missing something.

  2. I hope that you have a good visit to the shop and enjoy working on your ripple! xx