Friday, 26 September 2014

Welcome to My Craft Cabin

I have just moved into the log cabin that hubby built down the bottom of the garden for me.
The purpose of the log cabin is to hold all my crating stash and give me a place to craft.

The far end is where I am setting up my sewing textile area, I have set my Brother Innovis up on the horn cabinet under the end window, which gives me a lovely view down the fields.
The other end of the cabin houses my bookcases with a vast collection of craft books
and on the opposite side 
Is units full of stamps and lots and lots of inks, paints, embellishments and my art materials.
I need to get storage units yet but will add them over time after I have spent some time in there and can decide exactly what I want.
I have plenty of electric sockets 18 in total and I have had daylight fluorescent strips put in for lighting.
I did have a bit of a sewing session yesterday 
A set of little coasters for my work space, they are a cotton reel block design, they were made from a little kit that came free with a quilting magazine.
I also did an applique design shoe bag, the design is made from a vinyl fabric with a funky shoelace.
My last bit of crafting of the day was this quilt block
Its called a magic square, the magic is in the method used for making it, it is so simple to do, I plan to do more of these to make a lap quilt, this one was just a practise one,
 I will post in more detail when I do the lap quilt.
I plan to post lots of details about the crafting I like to do and also include some videos. 
That's all from me today. 


  1. It's absolutely fantastic! And so are your projects. Great idea to start a new blog about it.

  2. Wow, that is one lovely craft room.

  3. I am about to have a craft cabin built on my land - so excited! Planning where to position everything is the biggest challenge: sewing cabinet with machine and overlocker, knitting machine that has been stored away for decades, cupboards for materials, wools, patterns and books, sink, ironing board and table for cutting out. But what fun!!