Friday, 5 December 2014

Christmas Star

I have my sewing machine back from being serviced, it had a good clean and few springs and thread cutter replaced in total it cost me £54.90 I am more than happy with that.
I have been busy getting the cabin organised now I have some units that I am re-using from the shop, I can set my machine up to work and leave it to work while I unpack boxes.
I came across a design for a lovely embroidered Christmas Star table centre, I dug out some gold coloured fabric that came from my sister and set do doing the star.
each segment of the star is made individually, I needed eight segments, 
they then get joined together in a star shape
This is the completed star, after making it I realised I could make it bigger by adding an outer section, it would mean making another 16 sections and joining them in.
The segments are easy to join up, you just but them together and do a zig zag stitch along the join.
The star is a nice size its 16 inches across. It could be recreated with out the embroidery on any sewing machine, it is only diamond shapes that are backed with felt joined together, I might have a go at doing a patchwork one, time permitting.


  1. Beautiful!! How great that your sewing machine can do the multi tasking for you! If only you could train Kara to do some crafting as well you would be going at lightning speed! xx

  2. Lovely, and it will look lovely in patchwork as well.