Friday, 28 November 2014

Working On UFO's

While going through boxes and unpacking craft stuff in the cabin, I have several unfinished projects a couple are big projects and I really want to get them finished.
Remember this part work 
 I collected every issue, it finished start of this year, each copy came with the fabric to do a patchwork block you then make it all up like the quilt on the front cover, with moving packing and such like I fell behind doing the blocks, it was all packed in a box together, I want to crack on and get the blocks finished now

These are the blocks I have done so far
 and another four done that I got completed today.
I think there is 70 blocks in total I have completed 22 so a fair way to go yet.
It makes up a complete double bed sized quilt, I do like part works, I know they seem expensive but having it all organised and sorted for you is great, if I had to choose all the fabrics and work out the designs and layouts for each block I wouldn't have got past 4 blocks I don't think.
A bonus is the extra projects you get with each copy too and there is some lovely projects.

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  1. It is great that you can focus on some of your older WIP's and get them out again to have fun with! I hope that you enjoy making the rest of the squares and putting them all together into the finished quilt. xx