Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Fingerless Gloves Pt 2

I thought I posted this the other evening but it seems I didn't, I finished my mitts in Aran they are lovely and chunky, ideal for me to wear out and about in the garden and dealing with the livestock.
The pattern I posted a link to has a few errors, there are too many knit rows and it should all be in stocking stitch apart from the rib at the start and finish.
I am going to knit some more in double knit  and make the finger covering longer, this pair I have stitch together between the fingers to stop them riding down my hands. 
They are lovely and warm. 


  1. Love your mits, love knitting, must do some more. Your offer for threads is great, do you have any linen about 28-32 dpi, I could do with enhancing my stash.

  2. I will contact the shop and find out

  3. They look as though they will be nice and warm! I just made some wrist warmers - fingerless gloves with no fingers! xx