Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Christmas Baubles

Today I was working with the young mums at the family centre,
 I got them making little characters for acrylic baubles, this was my sample one
on the other side they could put a photo
me and my big sister many moons ago
Here is some of the baubles they made today

there was another two sets but I didn't get a photo of them before they left, the mums had three acylic baubles to decorate, considering we had 14 toddlers there all making a noise the mums did really well.
The characters are all made from silk clay and we used foam clay for the snow effect with glittered foam for the backdrops.
Next week we are doing decorated Christmas stockings.
I have been asked if I could put together a program of craft events for the spring, but i have to give it some serious thought. Its not easy teaching craft with so many little ones about, it also makes it restrictive in what we can do, also I don't know if I want to give over the time for it.It not the attending the centre its the time researching the projects and making samples.
If I do I might just put together 4 sessions again for them and spread them out one a month we will see, I only have 2 more Christmas crafting sessions to go with them.


  1. I love those how unique.

  2. They all did a great job didn't they! I am sure that it was the excellent tuition. I can understand why all those children would make concentrating hard though!! I hope that you enjoy the rest of the sessions. xx

  3. What clever ideas you have, although I can see the lessons entail a lot of preparation. Every year I make a couple of decorations ( even though we have more than enough) this year I thought of something simple - but it is so time consuming I rather wish I'd thought of something else!