Thursday, 27 November 2014

Fabric Christmas Trees

I picked up a copy of Homemaker magazine yesterday while out shopping
It came with a little kit to make the fabric trees on the front cover, I made mine up slightly different
I stitched mine on the top and cut round them with pinking shears, I added to hot fix gems and some organza bows on the tree top, I decorated the spools with tartan ribbon.
Word of warning, the spools on the front cover are not the ones you get with the kit you get those tiny ones that are on mine and you don't get enough stuffing for the trees, just as well I had plenty. 
I think they would be very easy to do from felt and very effective, you only need to stitch two triangles together leave an opening to stuff.
I also picked up a copy of Sew Home and Style
You get a kit to make this Santa
I haven't made it yet, again I think it needs jazzing up,
These little cuties caught my eye
Little felt coat tree decorations
I fancy making up some of these.don't know if it will be in time for this year :-)


  1. I have made these trees too, I like yours a lot! They are fun aren't they. I added different spools and made mine up differently. It is great that we can take the same basic thing and use it in so many different and creative ways isn't it. xx

  2. you will have to post a pic of yours would love to see them

  3. I had to look up what hot fix gems were. Try and imagine me with a glue gun trying to fix tiny gems - the mess! I have gone on to making rag wreaths, some with fabric, others with felt and I'm now knitting one. Bored with them - wish I'd made trees!

    1. Hot fix gems need a special tool that heats up to fix the gems in place although you can use an iron to fix the gems in place.