Sunday, 9 November 2014

Turning The Heel

Well knitting socks on the straight is really easy compared to knitting on the round, its a lot easy to keep your place and of course you don't have so many needles to play with.
The heel has now been turned on my first sock, I couldn't understand how it was going to be done on just two needles, but it worked great, I am now on the home straight with knitting the foot, then it will be toe shaping. 
then sock number two.
Many years ago when knitting socks on the round I came across a method for knitting both socks at once on the same set of needles, you knit one sock inside the other, the same method can be used for knitting sleeves.
Here is a link to the original site I found it 
Have a go it is fun and very intriguing to other knitters when they see what your doing.


  1. That looks interesting, does it mean you have a seam going up the front of the sock? Love the colour!