Monday, 23 March 2015

Bags and Bag Holder

I have been trying out my overlocker and dived straight in and made this bag
It is reversible as well
Its called a shoulder sling bag and has a nice big square bottom.
I made it from Jennie Rayment's book
Its all made on the overlocker so no hemming to do, it is really the first time I have used the overlocker properly
I tried it out when I first got it then it has just sat there, the bag was really easy to make and didnt take long, my first attempt went wrong as I kept cutting into the fabric with the blade when stitching round corners, I should have read that bit in the book first.
I also made a carrier bag holder for Martin to keep in his room when he is away through the week
One Tea Towel
Stitch about an inch hem top and bottom
Thread some elastic through the bottom and tie the ends together 
You can thread some elastic through the top as well, I haven't on this one so he can drop the bags straight in, stitch some ribbon or fabric for a hanger on either side of the top
Stitch the two long sides together make sure you pull the knot out of the way of the needle, stitch over the elastic.
hang up and stuff with your carrier bags.
Very quick to do and you can get some lovely tea towels these days, or you could use a leg off an old pair of jeans.

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  1. Love both bags. I have already made the straps for a bag using the top of a pair of jeans, but it looks sunny here so day in garden.