Tuesday, 27 October 2015

And More New Lines

 I have made up some pink pig fleece hats in toddler and child size
 My sister wanted a poppy brooch, the top one I made with Organza didn't really like how it turned out, I then made a couple out of felt, much preferred them, I have stitched brooch pins on the backs of them, Martin has take the one for my sister to deliver to her today. The other two can go on the stall.
Chicken doorstops, I have a couple of these upstairs and when a friend who came to stay saw them she asked if I could make three for her she picked out a neutral fabric, I finally  got round to making them today, Martin can take them back and deliver them next week, I have some of the fabric left so will make another couple to go on the stall, to add some weight to them I fill a plastic bag with unscented cat litter and add that to door stops. Clean cheap and is better than adding grains.
I have also been working on some cheeky country angel's, I have a few different designs in this range to do.


  1. It's really lovely seeing the range of things you produce. You are very talented.

  2. All such great things! I do like that little angel! xx

  3. You've been busy. Using a bag of cat litter in the door stop is an excellent idea.

  4. I love the chicken doorstops! Very creative, as are the poppy brooches. All of your creations look wonderful :)

  5. Lovely items, love your cheeky angel