Wednesday, 14 October 2015

I Am Crafting

I have managed to get some crafting done in the evening
 Firstly some little knitted booties that were in need
 Just made out of oddments of multi coloured sock wool.
 next up was hats, I had these hat wools left over from shop stock, they were designed for knitting hats and the yarn comes with a pom pom to match the hat.
I am doing them on the knitting loom, this one is all in camouflage colours,
 I thought I would get hats made up and pop them on my stall.
I have started making these up on the sewing machine, imitation leather bracelets I am waiting for the stud fasteners to arrive to finish them off. 
Also waiting to be sewn up is this 
A little tinsel hedgehog, I got the yarn on Saturday when I was out with Bovey Belle all his bits are knitted just needing to stuff and finish this one.
Got a WIP finished
Tube spiral socks all done and off the pins.



  1. everything looks so beautiful! I especially love that bracelet, and the hat,and the socks,and the booties, and tinsel hedgehog.... OK I love all of it. haha :)
    is this why you've been skiving off from our spinning group? we miss you! xxx

  2. You have been very busy! I like the idea of knitting on the loom, perhaps that is something that even I could manage! Not that I need to be doing anything new right now. I hope that you keep enjoying your crafting in the evening and that the stall keeps going well! xx

  3. I'm impressed with those socks! I am tentatively about to crochet an "Artisan" pair (Hah!) for Tam's boyfriend Zane. I may be gone some time . . .

    Great little hedgehog - I bet he didn't take too long to knit up : )

  4. Wow. That is a lot of crafting. Love the things you make.