Friday, 2 October 2015

Should It Be Royal Blue Or Red

Autumn Fair tomorrow really looking forward to it.
All my stock is made
Everything has be bagged in cellophane bags
Everything has been priced
My samples are made 
Display stands sorted 
Float is sorted
Notebook and pens at the ready
Now the only thing left to decide is
Do I go for a Royal Blue or Red table covering, I have rolls of fabric of every colour, I don't want white as I have a lot of white items and my display unit is white 
Perhaps I will cut a cloth from both and decide when I am there see what colour everyone else has gone for  or I might even use both :-)


  1. Well I believe the Chinese feel red brings affluence and they are Christmas thing and with the white will look festive . Good luck hope you sell loads...don't forget to take lots of spooky snacks .xx

  2. I didn't mean spooky ..I meant healthy..where did spell check get that from !!!