Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Crafting Update

An up to date post on some recent sewing makes
I did another lampshade, this one is for my daughter
 She has 8 children
 and 1 dog
 She cant have it just yet as I am using it as a sample to take orders on my stall.
Next up a bit of quilting
 Its called Lavender Magic Quilt, all the blocks are done using a method called quilting on the go, they are worked with wadding and backing all at once
 Here it is all finished with its border.
Next up is a tea towel I did for a swap
One of the embroidery groups I belong to does regular swaps and June was a tea towel swap, not knowing the person at all I played safe and just embroidered a couple of recipes on to a blank tea towel,
The one I got in return was embroidered with this
 Its so cute, she did her homework well, I might have to stitch out some more to go with it.
I have just joined another group
Bag Of The Month
I have put a link button on my side bar, if anyone is interested.
Basically you get a bag pattern each month for your 6 month membership, they do some lovely bag patterns.
That's all my craft news up to date :-) 

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  1. Love the lampshade! That is very pretty isn't it and a lovely family memento too.