Thursday, 7 July 2016

Finding Lost Treasures

Its been a damp day so after I had finished the chores I thought I would get on with some spinning, I still have a lot of last years Alpaca fleece to get through,
I pulled everything out of my spinning corner to have a sort out before starting.
 I found one of the first skeins I did
 A lovely lucky dip box of fibers
 4 bars of chocolate
A bag of licorice twists
all had been forgotten about.
I did get a bit of spinning done
While listening to and audio book

Still have plenty to get done yet, but now I have a few treats to look forward to while spinning :-) 


  1. Frustratingly I just cannot get my fingers and thumbs to master spinning. We've loads of fiber - and more to come in 2 - 3 months time...

  2. What a lovely time to listen , nibble and create....