Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Making To Sell

I have been playing with an idea of some things I want to make to sell
the little figures are made from air dry clay and are hand painted, I have to work on a design for the backgrounds yet, I have moulds to make 4 different figures and have about six different sets of moulds for letters, I can get the plaques and door hanger blanks from a supplier I use.
I am thinking of making up lots of figures and have them painted up and letters to make up names then people can pick and choose what they want. After they are put together I would like to coat them in varnish as well.
At the moment its all in the thoughts stage.
What do you think ?


  1. I like them both, our grandsons love pirates

  2. I can imagine the personalisation being popular especially as there are a lot more unusual names these days and it is probably hard to find personalised items for unusual names. xx

    1. I think you are right about names. Not just a problem with today's names though - I'm 65 and when people used to have coach outings to the seaside when I was young, people would bring back little cheap named brooches as gifts. No-one could find my name, Andrina, so invariably I got Mary which was my middle name!

  3. They are lovely, what a great idea!

  4. A clever idea, I think people are always looking for little personalised gifts. I think you will do well with them.