Sunday, 22 February 2015

Patchwork In The Cabin

A very cold wet day today so I popped into the cabin for a bit of sewing
I patch worked the fourth block of Le Jardine I am doing with them at the craft group
 The four embroidery corner blocks are now completed
The next five blocks include some applique work, I am enjoying doing some hand embroidery and its going to be  lovely quilt when its finished.
Another block done for the Art of Quilting quilt
This one is called Clarke's Choice, you had to build up the star in the middle first and then add the frame, precision and was needed I must be improving on my point work as this time I didn't have to do any unpicking.
I was looking at some of the ex shop stock that has been arriving, I have decided to start selling it on Amazon, I listed my first items today, I am also booking a table at our next village sale, they have them every month, I really need to make inroads at moving some of the stock.


  1. Can you please blog details of your Amazon account, I would like to take a look. Love the lap quilt.

  2. I hope that the sale of the stock goes well for you, then you can move on to new things! xx