Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Sewing and Mending

Firstly mending, it was only a small job but it has been hanging about for ages,
 I made this Cath Kidston bag about a year ago from a kit that came with one of her books, I had lost the button off the front months ago, at last I have now replaced the button so I can once again close the bag.
Next up today was patch working the third block on the embroidery quilt I am doing with the Monday craft club
They ave just finished there first block and I am just starting the fourth block I need to keep a couple of blocks ahead of them
here are the three completed blocks, there are nine blocks in total.
Next up today was this little cute dangling heart decoration
It was a little kit that came with a magazine, the ribbon wasn't included I picked some out from my stash, there is also an owl in the kit but I didn't feel like doing that at the moment
That rounds up my afternoon of crafting.


  1. Love your log cabin quilts, emm I should have a go.

  2. A good day! I have that bag to make sometime and those hearts and the owl! So many things, so little time!! xx