Saturday, 10 January 2015

At Last The Cabin Is Unpacked

It has taken me 4 months but at last my craft cabin is all ready to rock and roll.
I showed you the sewing end the other day this is the art paper craft end
I have reused my old work shop tables they are 8ft long 
This far corner were my big computer is I want to change, so its still got to be done, hubby is going to build in a corner unit for me that will house the computer and my three printers.
My bookcases have all been organised, the storage partition gives storage for the sewing end I am considering having a couple of units put on the reverse side to store the boxes in and art materials.
I have only put 4 chairs in for visitors to come and play, and added storage units in between, the table is were I will also play, I have re-used some of the units from the shop rather than buy in new ones. 
At the moment it is functional and my crafting stash is all unpacked. 
I have so many projects that I want to get stuck into. 
That's the tour of my craft room.


  1. omg, I'm so jealous xx

  2. Fantastic!!! It is great that you could reuse so much of what you had in the shop and you will have lots of space and materials to have people round to craft with you or do classes or just enjoy it on your own! xx