Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Bags Hats and Socks

Today has been a day of crafting, 
In the book a year of crafting that I showed yesterday, I was taken with the first project in the book
A bag for carrying logs, I didn't want it for logs I wanted a heavy duty bag for kindling and paper
The bag in the book was made from a recycled hessian coffee bags, I had some heavy duty upholstery hessian so used that, when it came to the handles they used upholstery webbing, again I dint have any but I had an idea
I had a stack of leather off cuts, I found some bits suitable to make handles
I did some stitching down the edges in a gold thread 
I stitched the handles on and did some reinforced stitching 
I now have a good heavy duty bag for the kindling and papers for the log burner
I have also been having a play with Loom Knitting using this book
I did a hat last night using some chunky wool
very quick and easy to do
I am now doing some ribbed socks 
I am doing these in Aran and want them long enough to wear with my wellies, the socks done on the loom will have a proper turned heel, there is some great projects in the book.
Using the loom is a great and I would recommend loom knitting to anyone who struggles knitting with needles.


  1. I must have a look at this Dawn, I struggle with knitting on double pointed pins. I am sure that I could manage socks on a hoop.

  2. It is great making something from nothing isn't it! I look forward to hearing how you get on with the socks! xx

  3. The bag is wonderful! So many good uses for it. I've never tried those knitting looms but bought a couple for my DIL. She loves them.