Thursday, 15 January 2015

Ripple Cushion Ticked Off

With everyone getting there ripple blankets finished I was inspired to get my ripple bolster cushion finished.
It was being crochet in cotton and was taking an age to do, today I got it out
and worked out I only needed to do another 10 rows for it to fit the bolster innard I bought ages ago
I added a big button to each end the green matched the green cotton yarn perfect.
I do have enough of all the yarns left over to make another cushion, I would like to do a crochet pinwheel cushion with a big button in the middle, I am going to good and not start it yet until I get a few more WIP's finished, I am pleased that I have got this one finished its a great feeling to get a WIP finished.


  1. Great job! It is good to have some finishes isn't it! xx

  2. I am working on another little WIP thats been sitting around for a couple of years :-)