Thursday, 8 January 2015

Back To Papercrafting

At last my cabin is sorted, I have moved units around several times now it feels right and comfortable to craft in, The sewing area was sorted weeks ago, with a division of storage to the larger end, will take some pics of the other end in a day or so, unpacking and sorting the boxes seemed to be taking an age, I have been very ruthless and thrown out lots of scrap.
This afternoon I sat down to do a bit of paper crafting, something I havent really done for some time.
card for my granddaughter
An easel card for my daughter
It was great to get stuck into some card making, these decoupage sheets came from Ribbon Box they were left over from a card making class I ran I bought them several years ago and came across them when sorting out, there are several folders of left over stuff from classes, I intend to get them all made up. 
I don't have packs embellishments I prefer to make my own up, that was one of the things I used to teach in the classes how to make up embellishments instead of buying ready made.
There is so much I want to do, now I have my craft area sorted I can get stuck in, I have got two big 8ft tables set up in the cabin, I am looking at perhaps running some small classes, but at the moment I am enjoying have the freedom of not teaching.

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  1. Beautiful cards and how great that you make your own things to decorate them with! xx