Saturday 27 December 2014

The first Garden Quilt Block

I did get the embroidery finished on the first block and patch worked it.
I will cut the same fabric for the craft club to use with there blocks, I have enough of it, it came from the bales of fabric when we shut the shop, I will use the same fabric for all the blocks.
I have now started stitching out the next block
I am hoping to have the first three blocks completed to show them when the craft club starts up again in January.

Tuesday 23 December 2014

Stitching For Summer

I started on a summer stitching project yesterday
It will become a quilted wall hanging, there are nine blocks in total, each one has an embroidered design in the middle, this is a project I am putting together for the ladies at the craft club, each block will introduce them to a new stitch or technique, this block is using a basic back stitch and colonial knots.
Once the stitching is completed it will be turned into a patchwork block. 
It is not my design but one I have adapted from Red Brolly, I will provide the ladies with the materials they need to complete each block and will be on hand to help them with instructions, I will post when i have finished the block hopefully it will be done later today.

Sunday 21 December 2014

Frosty The Snowman

Mister Frosty
He was made last year a very quick and easy decoration, he was made from a pillow case, in fact you can get two from a pillowcase.
Cut up the middle lengthwise, sew up the new cut sides, you now have two long tube shapes, 
fill with stuffing of your choice, I used polystyrene beads, you want it stuffed so it is fairly firm and will stand up. Sew up the bottom then you need to create some shape, divide it roughly into thirds and tie with string, your snowman body has now three sections, decorate one at the end with a face, sew on some buttons, I made a scarf and hat from some bits of an old fleece blanket and decorated with foam snowflakes. 
My snowman's face was embroidered on but you can easily do it with felt of fabric shapes and glue them on, or use safety eyes.

Friday 5 December 2014

Christmas Star

I have my sewing machine back from being serviced, it had a good clean and few springs and thread cutter replaced in total it cost me £54.90 I am more than happy with that.
I have been busy getting the cabin organised now I have some units that I am re-using from the shop, I can set my machine up to work and leave it to work while I unpack boxes.
I came across a design for a lovely embroidered Christmas Star table centre, I dug out some gold coloured fabric that came from my sister and set do doing the star.
each segment of the star is made individually, I needed eight segments, 
they then get joined together in a star shape
This is the completed star, after making it I realised I could make it bigger by adding an outer section, it would mean making another 16 sections and joining them in.
The segments are easy to join up, you just but them together and do a zig zag stitch along the join.
The star is a nice size its 16 inches across. It could be recreated with out the embroidery on any sewing machine, it is only diamond shapes that are backed with felt joined together, I might have a go at doing a patchwork one, time permitting.